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The annual HR Awards is a project for sharing and recognising innovative and successful practices implemented at national level (in Bulgaria).

The ideas and objectives of the competition are: publicity and recognition for work related achievements, for creating added value of HR for the organizations: development of HR profession and the HR industry in Bulgaria.

The competition encourages authorship, creative approach to the profession and the creation of new, unique products and projects effectively put into practice in a specific time range - the year for which the corresponding edition of the annual awards is about.

Terms and conditions for participation

1. It is not allowed to participate with one project in more than one collective category.

2. Nominations by members of BAPM, members of partner organizations, including associations of employers, and self-nominations are aloowed. The nomination includes organizational nomination - a CEO, MD, GM, MB, managers or employees of the organization where the project is executed / activities were held.

3. Jury members or organizations with which members of the jury are in a state of mutual engagement (employment contract, civil contract, contract for a service, etc.) or they have had any kind of commitment to them during the competition year are not allowed to take part in the competition.

4. The competition's rules do not allow the participation of members of the Management Board of BAPM or organizations with which members of the Board are in a state of mutual engagement (employment contract, civil contracts, contacts for services, etc. ) or they have had such a commitment to them during the competition year.

5. Only apllications in which the main part of the implementation and the results of the described projects are related to the competition year, are allowed to participate.

Assessment procedure

The evaluation procedure involves three stages:

1. Stage 1: Evaluation of the compliance of the application to the Regulation of the competition

• conducted by the BAPM office. This stage evaluates the compliance of the deadline, the availability of all required documents: application form and  evidence.

2. Stage 2: Admissibility (for candidates who passed the first stage)

• conducted by the jury of the competition by the following criteria:

- Relevance to the category - nominations should match completely and accurately the description of the category - in content and scope;

- Presentation of the nomination - well-structured, clear, specific and well arranged presentation; high level of expertise on content level and very good language in shaping the required documents;

- Motivation - demonstrated high motivation to participate by submitting a nomination with full / sufficient range of evidence as stated in the evaluation criteria.

3. Stage 3: Evaluation of applications according to the criteria for the category (for candidates who passed the second stage)

• conducted by the jury based on evidence provided by the applicants and the established indicators / criteria for each category. At the discretion of the jury, meetings with the candidates can take place.

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